semgen Providing innovative products and services in bioinformatics


In silico drug design and discovery

Thiotemplate modular systems continue to play an important role in the discovery of compounds with novel bioactivities of complex natural products. If you have your propriety genome or metagenome sequence we can use ClustScan and/or CompGen to in silico generate novel chemical entities for you.If you want to search our propriety database, r-CSDB, of predicted entirely novel recombinant products that can be used for the in silico screening with the computer aided drug design technologies you should contact us.

Contract research

We offer contract research for overall bioinformatic analysis and the development of generic bioinformatic program packages and bioinformatic databases (the expert systems) for commercial and institutional partners. Consider us for your research needs. We welcome all inquiries.


SemGen is is expecting to become a partner in international networking and cooperation. SemGen will like to offer and share its bioinformatic expertise with anyone interested, particularly in solving the biological question using bioinformatics approach.


We are offering extensive manuals with educational videos covering all aspects of software's developed written for all our expert systems developed. The education and helpdesk via e-mail and Skype contact can also be organised.


SemGen is offering consultancy on overall bioinformatic analysis and on all services developed.