semgen Providing innovative products and services in bioinformatics

Overall bioinformatic analysis, the development of generic bioinformatic program packages and bioinformatic databases (the expert systems).

SemGenLtd. has expertise in the overall bioinformatic analysis as well as the development of the generic bioinformatic expert systems and databases that can be best evaluated from projects, patents and papers. The expert systems and databases developed can be also viewed at the TMSS Web portal.

At present, SemGen is engaged in the development of three additional expert systems. The first expert system will be devoted to the comparison and automatic annotation of newly sequenced prokaryotic and/or eukaryotic genomes and metagenomes (as an example see: ZoophyteBase). The second package will, on the other hand, assist physicians with the decision making tasks. Third expert system will deal with the comparison and automatic annotation of individual human genomes. These expert systems will, for example, compare two genomes followed by the automatic acquisition of the entire worldwide knowledge present in a large number of public databases that will then be analysed and put in context by the identification of patterns and relationships between the terms and concepts using latent semantic indexing.