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CompGen (the Compound Generator) is also an integrated program suite written in Java. Like ClustScan, CompGen runs on a LINUX server with a Java client on the user's computer compatible with Windows, MacIntosh and Linux operating systems. The major goal of the CompGen suite of programs is structuring and maintaining a proprietary database of entirely novel chemical entities generated by in silico modelling of homologous recombination between sequenced TMS gene clusters. Like ClustScan, CompGen also predicts the most likely chemical structures from the in silico generated recombinants. The future role of CompGen will be to predict the biological activities of these chemical entities using computer-aided drug design technology. Pairwise recombination between 1.000 TMS gene clusters should generate nearly 1.000.000 new clusters, each potentially producing a novel chemical entity. Most exciting of all, when such a product looks promising in silico, a "designer bug" can be created in the laboratory to produce it.